Helmsdale Village Hub

Supporting general well-being through socialising, activities and a good meal

We are delivering a varied programme of activities at the Helmsdale Village Hub every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.30am. The Hub offers a good opportunity for people to socialise, have a go at new things and get a delicious meal, all in a friendly and safe environment. The regulars at the Hub have been telling us the things they like most are seeing new people and having visitors of all ages. The Hub is open to all!

Mondays feature a variety of activities, including our Coffee Club, our Hub to Harbour Walks, and Strength & Balance Exercises. On Wednesday mornings we offer different activities each week, so keep an eye on the calendar below to find out what is happening. Wednesday afternoons we enjoy our Creative Writing Club. Friday is music day at the Hub and, once a month (usually the last Friday of the month) we host our popular Cream Tea Cafe. Lunch is provided at the Hub each day.

Upon arrival, there is an opportunity for a cup of tea and a chat. Arts and crafts, gardening and board games are available every day, and where possible we go out for walks. Afternoons are spent reminiscing, chatting, playing games, doing quizzes, exploring our large interactive screen or watching DVDs. This is open choice and down to those in attendance to decide.

We offer cake, tea, coffee, or soft drinks and a two-course lunch (must be ordered by 10am) for £5.45 per day.

Due to any unforeseen circumstances, the activities shown on the calendar below may be altered.  Any suggestions or requests will, where possible, be accommodated.

To find out more about the Helmsdale Village Hub please contact us or visit The Helmsdale Hub’s Facebook page.

What’s on at the Helmsdale Village Hub?

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