We are now Connecting Communities!

Since we were founded in 2012, our focus has changed from purely dementia friendly work to social inclusion. To reflect this progress, we feel it is time for a change of name. From 16th March we will be known as Connecting Communities.

Dementia Friendly Communities (DFC) was originally developed in 2012 to support rural dementia families, but over time we have realised dementia only is too small a parameter for rural villages and that a socially inclusive programme which relies on the compassionate support of the whole community to sustain all older folk – irrespective of their situation – was a far better option.

Since 2012 we have spearheaded transformational change for dementia families in remote rural areas. Over the years a socially inclusive community ‘Circle of Support’ for all our older folk – not only people affected by dementia – was developed which is so successful that DFC Helmsdale is now regarded as a model of rural excellence for community support in the Highlands and is working with NHS Highland to roll out a similar Compassionate Community programme across the Highlands.

We would like to reassure our regular members and customers that this change will not affect the work we do and we look forward to continuing to see and support you.


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