Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Since launching our Bridge Over Troubled Waters project earlier this year, we have seen the positive impact it is having on the lives of carers when they are faced with times of particular stress. In addition, those who are cared for appear to be benefitting too. Below are just some examples of the support we have provided.

Mary cares for her husband who has a long-term illness. When she broke her arm she found it difficult manage daily tasks such as preparing food, driving to the shops – even washing her own hair. We provided a support worker to visit and chop ingredients so she could cook meals and help with the everyday jobs, which allowed Mary to continue to care for her husband until her arm healed.

James was caring for his mother who was already receiving palliative care – we provided a support worker to spend a few extra hours with her in the afternoon to enable James to have a shower, get some rest and attend to some errands, assured by the knowledge his mother was still in good hands during his absence.

Claire’s father has dementia and had previously been living alone but now needs a greater level or care. She called us for help at a time of great upheaval for them both. We assisted by provided, firstly, a listening ear and practical advice around moving her father in with her, then daily personal care for him until a support package from social care was in place. We also introduced him to the local well-being Hub, which has not only made him feel welcome in the community and kept him physically, mentally and socially active, but also given Claire regular respite during the week.

To find out more about this programme visit the Bridge Over Troubled Waters page or contact us.

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